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Monday, September 19, 2016

What's Up 09.19.16

They have worked on the livingroom floors and wish I could say they are finished but no. Hopefully one more day and I can get my house back in order. I can handle chaos for so long and I believe I have reached my limit. 

The plus part to all this is that I'm in my sewing room for most of the day, need to stay out of their way.

Today was a day of sewing all the parts completed so far together to the Words To Live By.

Getting closer to the end.

 Since this part is done, it's time to sew all the HST for the outer border. Somewhere around 120 for each side. Hadn't counted yet ....
just guessing. That section above is only half of the top border.

Tonight a little more quilting.
I am so slow at it compare to some.
But I do enjoy quilting.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Slowly Going

Now that the carpet is laid, it's time to think about how I want to set up the sewing room..... and all I can say is the first to be put back is my sewing machine. 

I knew where that needed to be, the rest is all going to be change. And I've decided I am not bringing it all back in. 

Most of my day went toward trying to get the place a little more back the way it was.

Now that is evening and time to relax I'm working on quilting the Rocky Road. 

It's been a while since I had done any quilting on it.

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Getting Closer to a Finish

I'm so glad it's Friday and can say that besides the kitchen floors being finished, now the carpet is also finished.  
Hopefully if all goes as planned, which nothing has yet, they said the hardwood will be finished by next Tuesday.
Then the tough part starts and that is going through all my stuff before putting it back in the house. Really need to purge some things, have way too much stuff.

Before I had to clear all out of the sewing room I worked on "Words To Live By

Completed the corner sets of HST and sewn them to the center block. 

Also was able to sew the appliqued blocks together.

Hadn't had time to get the light border strips on before they came this morning but at least I'm ready when I do get my room somewhat back together.

Haven't yet decided how I want to set up my sewing room and what I want to put back in it.... definitely not all I had in there.
The past week while emptying it out I been liking the open, less clutter room and my goal is to keep it like that. Which means a good portion will have to stay in the garage. 
Image result for messy garage clipart

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Last month when the "little dudes" came for their visit I thought it would be fun to have little chicks for them to learn about and care for while here.

So I order 18 chicks, a variety of pullet (girls) and had them delivered the day before they arrived.

oh they are so cute and the boys were elated with them. In fact I was worried they would love them to death but all was good.

Here they are at 2 weeks

Now they are 4 weeks old and they have grown a lot, they are now getting their feather and are in what I consider the ugly stage,

not cute fuzzy chicks and not fluffy pretty hens. 

Poor things.

I don't normally get chicks this time of year cause where to keep them is a challenge. Because it's to hot in August to keep them in the garage and in the house is ok the first couple of weeks but for a little over a week now they have outgrown their box and need a bigger space and out of the house.  They do smell like stinky birds now. 

Today I looked around and all I could find was a old rabbit cage. It will work for now until this weekend. The carpet will get laid Friday and I can start moving stuff in from the garage . Then I can move them out there and hopefully most of this hot, humid temps are over.
They can not get too overheated but still need to be warm and I think it about that time. I'll have a fan out there for them just in case.

Won't be able to put them outside in the hen house for a couple more months, maybe around the first of November.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Having Productive Day

Yesterday was a very productive day for me and the installers had most of the kitchen floor in and today they are finishing it up. I am so pleased with how it looks. But it sounds like it will be next weekend before the whole project is completed, that's hardwood and carpet.

Now I was able to do 2 quarter sections of the center portion of The Words to Live By

and now I'm working on another.

Yesterday I was able to complete the last 2 Farmer's Wife blocks.
So tonight at the 30's Club meeting they'll have more blocks for me. You see I'm the tester, making sure there is enough fabric and that directions are correct which makes me few months ahead of the group.

I plan on taking the I Spy quilts as Show and Tell tonight... can't think of anything else.

The leader and ender I mentioned the other day and had no ideal what I was going to do.....well I do now. The other day while looking on Facebook I came across this post on one of the group I joined and someone was looking for the name of this pattern.
I knew the minute I saw it this is what I'll use all the 9 patches I'm making

There was a comment by someone naming the quilt.
It's design by Primitive Gatherings (by the way who design the Words to Live By I'm working on) called Settler's Trail.
I was going to order the pattern until I found out the 9 patches finish out to 1 1/2"  half the size of what mine will turn. It would do me no good cause all of the fabric requirement would not work or the size of all the pieces. 
It would show me how to assemble but I think I can come up with something close to it on my own. Wish my strips were smaller, would make it so much easier.

Right now for the leader and enders...... it's sewing the strips together and this is what I have so far. 

Have a good pile of strips and 2 1/2 yards of the background fabric but I'm thinking it is going to take a lot more of the background. 
Tonight while at Sager Creek I'll check to see if they have any. I hope so and maybe they will cause that is where all of this fabric came from originally, repurposing a BOM they had.

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Monday, September 12, 2016

What's up 09.12.16

This morning while I'm writing the installer just arrived and will start laying the kitchen tile. 
They said that they would have it all in today, I just wish they could of been working on finishing the hardwood. The sale rep was not there Friday and we all left messages. I hope they will replace the bowed planks soon. They told me that the carpet layers will not install the carpet until the floors are finished. Don't know what that means, will we be waiting a length of time...sure hope not. I want this to be over soon so I can get the house all back together.

I'm in the sewing room out of the way and have a couple projects to work on.

 All the embroidered/applique pieces trimmed and now it's time to start assembling a half square triangles on the "Words To Live By".

So far up on the design wall is one quarter of the corner units that need to be sewn. Figure I'll work on one quarter at a time. Its nice to see how much is completed and it's starting to look like something.

 Also need to work on the last two blocks for the Farmer's Wife month  #14. Our 30s club is meeting tomorrow evening and I need to have them done before then. Which should be no problem just because they are not paper pieced. I work so much faster when piecing and not PP.
As you can see from the picture is was printed out to be PP but I'm doing it mostly by piecing.
Other than that.... that's pretty much what I expect for today and hopefully it will be a productive day. I hope you all have a productive day also thank you for stopping by.

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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Superb Sunday

The title says it all, this weekend has been a blessing of what's to come. We have had two days of some perfect fall weather. I just want to sit out on the back porch and read, enjoy the weather. But I think instead of reading I'm going to take Ben's I spy quilt and try to finish up the binding.

I've been meaning for a while now to write this post on how the boys I Spy quilts came about and was constructed. It started with Audrey over at Quilty Folks and her Quilty 365 challenge.
I decided then, when I saw the challenge, that this is going to be the boys I Spy quilt. Because you see I've been collecting and thinking about how I was going to go about making that quilt and when I saw her post and challenge, I knew that was what I wanted to do.

Now knowing that I had 2 quilts I was going to be making and realized it wasn't feasible for me to appliqué the circle down by hand. So I decided to use the method where you sew fusible interfacing to the circle and then iron it onto the background. Then either go about stitching it down to the background fabric either with a topstitch or the way I ended up doing it when quilting the circle. Figured that was a great way of doing two things that needed to be done at one time.

Over at my post here I describe how I went about making the circles to apply them to the background. I found it an easy method, an efficient method and one that I could do fast seeing how I was going to end up making 442 circles.
I had a lot of fun choosing and fussy cutting the motif for the circles.
I unquestionably was not lacking fabric. I have come to realize I have a bad addiction to fabric and seeing how I had ample supply of novelty prints, I was able to not have any duplicates of circles on the same quilt. I did make two of the same motif but that was to have one in Ben's quilt and one in Blake's quilt.
So the boys quilts ended up with 221 circles... each on a 5 1/2 inch finished square with the quilt ended up measured out to be 70 x 91.5.  Perfect twin sized quilt.

Now I tried something new which I haven't done before and that was to quilt as you go. I did research online, watched a few YouTube videos, (with Jen Kingwell) read a few blogs and articles. You can assemble the section with sashings or not. I chose this method without because I did not want to have Sashing strips in my quilts.

 So what I did was sandwich the front, backing and the batting then went ahead and 

machine quilted the circles, 

then stitched in the ditch of each one of the background squares.

I started with Blake's  first which was divided into 12 sections. 

 Thought that would be a good size to manipulate on my domestic machine. 

For the back are various solids of the primary colors to make it bright and cheery...... childlike. I can say that after putting Blake's together I realized I could get away with making the sections larger in Ben's quilt so his has only six sections because I found putting the quilted sections together was actually a little more challenging than the quilting part.
Or it might have been because I had unwanted help from Pete.

 Now maybe it wouldn't of been that way if I had used sashing, I don't know. 

The challenge was to make the back be in the same position as the front where I was going to be doing the stitching in the ditch on the top. I wished all of the section lined up this well.

As you can see from the pictures I did not always lined it up correctly. I will and have gone back and did a little whip stitching in spots where it didn't catch at all or  just didn't like how much of the edge with flapping. But I have to say after it's all done I really enjoyed the process. I know these were my first attempt and nothing's perfect on your first attempt and I can live with that. These are to be usable quilts and want the boys to enjoy them. They are not show quality quilts. And to be honest nobody will really noticed it other than myself.

 So now I can say I'm prematurely early on finishing my Quilty 365 challenge. 

The boys have already used them even though the binding wasn't on when they were here last month. 

But they will be on the bed waiting for them when they come for Christmas.

Thank you for taking time to read this lengthy post.
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